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We at OBHosting want to offer more services to our customers. To do that we offer 10 different VPS packages to our new and old customers. With so many packages we ensure that you will find the VPS that fits your needs and on the most affordable price.
To boost those Budget VPS Hosting Packages we give you the choice of upgradeable options such as Operating System, control panel, add additional ip addresses, get extra bandwidth or even choose a fully managed VPS package.

If you are looking to get a budget vps for your website, project, web hosting company or for anything you like then OBHosting is the right place for you.

Price Calculator (Choose your VPS size)
  • Disk Space
    30 GB
  • Guarantee Ram
    512 MB
  • Burstable Ram
    640 MB
  • Bandwidth
    500 GB
  • Uplink Speed
    100 MB/s
  • Monthly Price

Upgradable Options

  • $16 /monthcPanel License
  • $2 per IPv4Additional IP's
  • $6.50 /month250GB Extra Bandwidth
  • $13 /month500GB Extra Bandwidth
  • $19.50 /month750GB Extra Bandwidth
  • $26 /month1000GB Extra Bandwidth
  • FreeTier1 Managment
  • $20Tier2 Management

Frequency Asked Questions

  • What Control Panel you use for your VPS Packages?
  • We use SolusVM as our main control panel for all our VPS Nodes.
  • Do you provide cPanel VPS licenses?
  • Yes we do. On the order form you can choose to buy a cPanel Monthly License with 16$.
  • What other upgradable options i have?
  • You can buy control panel, extra bandwidth, more ipv4 and a Tier2 Managment Package.
  • I want to buy more than 6 IPv4. Is that possible?
  • Yes with proper justification. Just contact our sales department and ask for that.
  • What is the Level1 "Fair Usage" Managment Option?
  • With Level1 Managment Option you manage your vps and we can assist you on basic things.
  • What is the Level2 "Premium" Managment Option?
  • Level2 Managment Option is a paid one. That means your VPS will be fully managed by us.
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